Summary: Russel (2003) – Core Affect and the Psychological Construction of Emotion

This is my summary of: Russell, J. A. (2003). Core affect and the psychological construction of emotion. Psychological review, 110(1), 145. In it Russel proposes a framework to talk about emotion at the psychological level, and aims at avoiding folk psychological concepts in his approach. Continue reading

Prototype 1: Autonomic Feedback Glove

During the last couple of days I have been working on a prototype to test a concept of my master thesis at Leiden University’s Media Technology program: Wearable devices that provide subtle autonomic feedback to their users. In this case we are talking about a  glove that can measure its wearers heartbeat and vibrates along in the rhythm. Continue reading

Summary: (Ickes 1993) – Empathic Accuracy

This is my summary of: Ickes, W. (1993). Empathic accuracy. Journal of personality, 61(4), 587-610. In it Ickes describes a method of measuring empathy in a manner that goes beyond self-report and goes into the details of several findings that were produced with it.

Continue reading